Monday, February 04, 2008


The kids all went for their well kid check ups today. I always take them together and get it all over with in one visit.
They did really good until it was vaccination time. Spencer told me he was not going to cry and he was going to be brave. Well that only lasted until the needle peirced his skin. When it was all done he said to me " Mommy, I'm sorry I cried - it was just too hard not to!" That was just way to cute.
Spencer only got one needle, but the little ones got three each. Sydney was screaming "no no no" when they were going to stick the second one in. I felt so bad for them all. Caden was pulling up his pants as fast as I could pull them down so they couldn't stick his leg. Peyton was crying too so it was a VERY noisy room. They had two nurses come in and do it so the torture would not last as long. They stopped crying as soon as they left.
Then they ALL held their arms the entire time we walked to the car which took about 10 minutes. I wish I had my camera as it was just too cute.
They are all doing really well, here are their stats.

47 1/2 inches (90th percentile)
44 1/4 pounds (50th percentile)
41 1/2 inches (90th percentile)
39 pounds (85th percentile)
41 inches (75th percentile)
34 pounds (50th percentile)
43 1/2 inches ( 95th percentile)
41 1/2 pounds (90th percentile) He gained a half a pound in a little over two weeks. He had lost weight when he had mono so he is definitley on the mend. All the chocolate pudding is working. lol

We took them to Chuck E Cheeses when we were all done for a treat, they love that place.

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Anonymous said...

And even if you had your camera, how would you possibly take the pictures while trying to console them at the same time. The nurses would have rolled on the floor watching you do that trick!
I remember those RSV shots - they were terrible for the babies - YUK for shots. Love, S