Monday, April 21, 2008


We took the kids to "kidzfest" yesterday. It was awesome and FREE. The kids did TONS of crafts, went into about 5 or 6 different bouncy houses, got their faces painted, rode on a train and a bunch of other things I can't think of off the top of my head. We had planned on going for a couple of hours and spent 6 hours there.
They had a woman there with some snakes and we thought we would just stop and look. Spencer and Peyton held a snake for a few minutes, Caden just touched and refused to hold them. Sydney held all the snakes. We were there for about an hour and she had a snake in her hands the entire time. I had never touched a snake before and they were actually VERY cool. I want one now, just can't get over feeding them mice. I had to MAKE Bob hold one - and he did, just long enough for a quick picture. I wonder where Caden gets it from.
A few older boys came up to Sydney while she was holding one and wanted to touch it. When it moved they jumped back and Sydney looked and them and said "You're silly! He won't bite, he's nice!" It was just too cute. She is definitley her Mama's child when it comes to animals. The kids are just exhausted after such a busy weekend. I am sure Bob wishes I was working weekends again so he could have a rest.

Click here to watch a photoshow of our fun day


Anonymous said...

You are right, Sydney is just like her mama. You were always crazy about animals when we were growing up.




Anonymous said...

Freebies are the absolute best - and no one knows how to find them better than you. My hat is off to you for all the things you find for your kids to do without having to break the bank.!!!!!
Love, S