Monday, April 14, 2008

Little acrobats

I was trying to clean up after breakfast and ran when I heard the hysterical laughing coming from the stairs.
The little ones had gone upstairs and taken some blankets and pillows and piled them up on the landing of the stairs and then proceded to jump on them from about 5 or 6 steps above.
Of course I had to take some pictures before I made them stop. I love how they think and the ideas they come up with. You just have to love kids' imaginations!!


Anonymous said...

Always a picture opportunity. That could have been a double one as they slipped on the way down. I am sure you would have stopped them long enough for accident pictures, right?
LOL, Sharyon

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention, I loved the action shot with the hair flying in the air. Are you sure you aren't ready to be a professional photographer.
Love, S