Saturday, April 19, 2008

Soccer parties

Today was the day for the end of season soccer parties. I took the little ones to their party after their game while Bob stayed with Spencer for his game. We met at Spencer's party in another park. They all got trophies which thrilled them to no end. Then we took them all to Chuck E Cheese for their own little party. We had pizza and played a ton of games.
We came home and took a short break and then it was off to the YMCA for Saturday Night Live.

They stay from 6pm to 11pm and Bob and I get to go out all ALONE!!! I'm not sure who has more fun.......them or us. lol Of course they are exhausted when we pick them up. Poor little Caden fell and had a huge goose egg on his forehead.

We went to the Texas Crawfish Festival and had a feast. Actually some of the crawfish was so salty we could not finish it. We met Bob's brother and his family there and hung out. I am really glad I did not take the kids because there was a big fight near us and someone got stabbed with a pair of scissors. You have to love people who get drunk and act like idiots. They can't seem to talk without a string of expletives either when they drink. lol

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Anonymous said...

Your girls are the prettiest soccer players I have ever laid my eyes on - and they always are color coordinated. Thanks to you MOM.
Love, S