Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Walley world is closed!!

We left Sunday morning to go to San Antonio for Seaworld. It was kind of cool, but lets face it, we live in Texas...........how cold could it be? I dressed us all in shorts and tank tops and took our bathing suits for the water rides. The high was 63 degrees with gale force north winds. We were freezing to say the least. We were all fighting over Peyton's cinderella towel. We finally gave up and decided to leave around supper time and just come back in the morning. We got up and checked out of our hotel and the clerk asked us where we were going. We told her Seaworld and she announced that it was closed!!!! Walley World was actually CLOSED. It felt like the scene from National Lampoon's Vacation.
It is only opened on weekends right now. I could not believe it!! The kids actually took the news very well. We decided to go to the Alamo and show them the River walk. Then we went to a really cool park and had a picnic and played until it was time to come home. Not quite the excitement of Seaworld, but they enjoyed it anyway.
Spencer was begging to go on the "steel eel" roller coaster at Seaworld the last time we were there and I just couldn't put my baby on it. I finally gave it and thought he would be scared to death and not ask again when he got off. He LOVED it. The first two hills were scary he said, but then he put his little arms up for the rest of the ride like a pro. I can't even put my arms up. As soon as it stopped he asked if he could go again. What a brave little man. I don't have any pictures of him as I would have dropped my camera on the ride.


Anonymous said...

OMG..I laughed out loud when you made the reference to Wally World. That must have just sucked. At least you made the best of a bad situation.



Anonymous said...

We just recently watched that old movie and I just had to roar at your Headline.
And of course your kids were OK with the fact that you would do something else. they are great kids. And - They know you always have a Plan B in mind.
Glad you saved the day!.
Love, S