Thursday, October 09, 2008


Ok, I promise I am going to keep up with the blog better, I am so behind!!!
I do have an excuse back hurts. I finally went in for an MRI today and found out what I didn't want to know. I have a bulging disk and need to get used to having a sore back.
I felt sorry for myself and had my pity party and now I am better.
The kids always ask if I can pick them up and I feel so bad that I can't. I am determined to do something to make it better at least. I am going to try some physical therapy and hopefully that will allow me to sit on the floor with them and maybe even go for a bike ride.
The computer chair really makes it sore so that is my reason for not posting more often.
It actually feels better than is has in a long time so hopefully I can catch up.
You know I have to include pictures so here are a couple mri pictures. (I got my results on cd before I left)
Its my lower back (L5-S1).
You can see its compressing one of my spinal nerves causing sciatic pain which goes in your butt and down your leg. I always knew I was a pain in the butt.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely pics - just a little different than your usual photos.
LOL. Love, S