Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin goobies

We carved our pumpkins tonight. The kids were a little better about touching the "goobies" this year, but still grossed out by them. Spencer was a trooper and reached right in and grabbed some. lol
The little ones kept running and washing their hands when any pumpkin guts touched them. I have no idea how any actually got on them anyway as they were using really long spoons to scoop the seeds out.
They drew their own faces on them and we cut them out, they turned out really good.
We made some halloween sugar cookies and let them decorate them. It was a school night so we were rushed to try to get them to bed.
They are so excited about Halloween. They have been asking me all month if they could go out yet and get candy.

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Anonymous said...

Heck, I wouldn't stick my hand into all that muck! They are all troopers.
Yet another great craft night at your house.