Monday, October 20, 2008


We took the kids to Seaworld this weekend and had a ball. They had it all decorated for Halloween and even had their Halloween "mascot" Jack O Lantern there hosting all kinds of activities. We went through the haunted forest with the kids. We did the daytime one that was kid friendly. Then they decided they wanted to do it again only this time it was NOT kid friendly. It wasn't dark yet so I agreed. We waited in line so long (about 45 minutes) the sun was starting to go down. There were werewolves (or foxes as Sydney called them) and zombies roaming the crowds around us while we waited in line so we were entertained.
The kids were way more scared the second time around and the guy with the chainsaw made Peyton cry as we were leaving. A few zombies jumped out and saw the kids and stepped back. I mouthed thank you to them and they nodded, it was hilarious. Shamu's show was good too, the trainers were dressed in their black body suits to look like skeletons. The whales jumped more than in any other show too.
Sunday we got there early and fed the dolphins. The kids all got a chance and even got to pet them. We all REALLY enjoyed that part.
The kids got to go on all kinds of rides and had to stop and look at all the decorations and comment on them all and pose with the skeletons. We had to leave early so we could get home as Spencer had school today.
It was a wonderful weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...

That was a great slideshow. Noah and I watched it from start to finish and now he wants to spend Halloween at Seaworld. He loved watching the kids on the roller coaster. It looks like you guys had a great time.



Anonymous said...

Hey, I want to be your kid. I never did get to feed the dolphins.
The Shamu rollercoaster was terrific - just their size.
Bet your guys go there again next year to celebrate their Halloween time. Just doesn't get much better than that.
Love, S