Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Spencer had a halloween party at school, but they didn't dress up in costume. He said it was fun and came home with all kinds of goodies.
The little ones their halloween party at daycare too. They dressed up and trick or treated at all the offices and then had a party in their room. They came home with LOTS of candy and said they had a ball.

We had Los Cucos for supper and then got ready for trick or treating.
Sydney should have dressed up as a mental patient as she couldn't make up her mind what she wanted to be. She wanted to be a witch, then a lion, then she ended up being a skeleton for her school party.

She changed her mind when she came home and wanted to be a witch again. I could not find the witch costume anywhere so she ended up being a lady bug. It actually was very cute. Peyton was a "princess skeleton", Caden was a ghost and Spencer was a vampire.

Caden would not let me paint his face white and the hood would not stay out his eyes. He did let me put baby powder in his hair though. Spencer could not wear his glow in the dark teeth trick or treating as they made him drool, it was hilarious!
After I was done getting everyone ready I felt kind of left out so I decided to paint my face like a pumpkin. The kids thought that was really cool. Bob's costume was the best though..........he dressed up like a big GRUMP!!! He didn't want to dress up or paint his face.
One house in our neighborhood that always goes way out with decorations even had the bottom floor of their house turned in to a haunted house. The kids made us go through it twice, it was awesome.

We were out trick okr treating for about 2 and 1/2 hours and got so much candy we could hardly carry it home. Caden asked me before bed if we could go trick or treating again tomorrow night.
Trying to get the make up off our faces was a challenge too. Peyton was whining that it was burning her eyes and I kept telling her to quit
whining and then I found out it really did burn when I tried to wash if off my face. Let me tell you it goes on a lot faster than it comes off.


Anonymous said...

The kids look great and I cannot believe how much stuff they got!! I must admit, your face looks disturbing !!!



Anonymous said...

Oh my God, They are growing up so fast. They are so cute. Tell me they didn't eat all that candy!!

Nicole Kearns

Anonymous said...

So did you pick out the pieces that you like the best, Kim?
Man, with 4 kids getting candy, you could open up a Candy Store.
All the costumes were terrific - every last one of them - even yours.
Hey, where was the Grump in these pics?