Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun day

Spencer had a day off school today so we spent the time together. He came grocery shopping with me then to his dentist appointment. (He did great and has no cavities. The dentist told him to start wiggling his two front teeth though or he will have to pull them next time we go. They have been loose for ages now and he is just not a wiggler. They are starting to stick out they are so loose too.)
I told him the rest of the day was HIS. He decided he wanted to go to Incredible Pizza. We haven't been there in a while so it sounded fun. We ate TONS of food and then played some games. We bowled and had a round of lazer tag. It was so much fun. He is a really nice boy and fun to be with. Not only do I adore my little boy, but I "LIKE" him and he is so much fun to hang out with. He is so funny and has a great personality.
Don't you just love how he throws the ball in bowling, what great form. lol
Bob met us after work with the three little ones and he and Spencer went on the go-carts. This was the first time for Spencer and he did great. Bob took Caden in the same car with him and he really enjoyed that. The girls and I played air hockey.

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Anonymous said...

I love those kinds of fun days.
Glad you guys enjoyed the event.