Sunday, February 08, 2009

whoo hoo

Spencer learned to ride his two wheeler Friday. I thought he was actually going to get his driver's licence before he could ride one though. ;)
He was too scared to do it with Bob as he let him fall in a bush once!!! (big meaner as the kids say)
I promised him that I would not let go and he relaxed and was able to do it with me just running down the street a few times holding on. I thought for sure I would not be able to walk today with a sore back, but its actually just a bit sore. The physical therapy must be working :) After he did it a couple times with me not holding on and just running alongside he was ok with Daddy running down the street beside him. I don't think Daddy was ok with it though. That is Sydney chanting and cheering him on in the video.

He was so proud of himself and immediately asked for his new bike. I had told him before Christmas if he learned to ride on his own he could have a new bike. He has always had garage sale ones so far. I figured a little bribe might help motivate him. He did NOT forget and already knows what he wants. I told him he needs to be able to get on and off on his own and then we will go shopping. He needs you to push him to get him started and is a bit wobbly until he gets going. Poor little Caden happened to be in his way a couple of time and he ran right over him and knocked him off his bike. I tried to be a good Mommy and not laugh, but it was really hard.
We all went for a bike ride today. We had Daddy so we actually got the kite in the air at the park. Caden rode his bike with his training wheels and so did Peyton. Sydney wanted to hitch a ride with Mommy.
I KNEW that Peyton would get tired and want a ride too!!! The two girls AND the bike ended up in my bike trailer. lol
While we were in the field flying our kite Spencer saw a drainage pipe that lead down to the bayou. He thought it was really neat and ran down to see the other end where it came out at the bottom. While he was down there we were talking to each other through the pipe. Bob came up and I told him to talk to his son. He assumed that he had crawled down the pipe and was yelling at him to "get back up here RIGHT NOW!!!!" It was a pretty steep drop and there would have been no way for him to climb up if he had crawled down. I was laughing and he finally realized that he was not IN the pipe, but at the other end. I should have played along a bit longer. He said he was ready to get the phone and call 911. I wish I had the video camera running or at least a picture of his face!
We rode to the park and played there for a while too. We all got on the slides together and came down in a big clump. The kids LOVE doing that. I am sure the other parents think we are nuts, but who cares.


Anonymous said...

That is so exciting that Spencer has finally figured out his bike. One question though, where is his helmet??????



Anonymous said...

I have a new understanding of training wheels. If I were to ever ride a bike again, I would have to use them too. John said never again will I be riding a bike - can't take the chance of any more broken bones.
Tell spencer that he can do more than his Nana can do on a bike.