Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monkey pox

Spencer has molluscum contagiousum. Figuring you can guess how contagious it is by the name. He has had it for months and we had no idea what it was. Started out thinking it was a skin tag and then it spread so thought maybe warts. When it continued to spread I figured we better take him to the dermatologist before he turned in to the elephant man. I have no idea how the other kids did not catch it as they still bathe together??? Luckily its under his arm and its he wears a shirt all the time in winter.
They burned it off with "beetle pee" as Spencer called it. It was stinging beetle venom I think. Bob had to take him as I was working. He did really well and we hope it goes away soon. Its in the poxvirus family so Bob has been telling him he has monkey pox.

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