Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day out at some parks

Just think this picture of Spencer and Peyton in the playground is really cute.

Took the kids to a couple of neighbourhood parks today. We had a picnic, fed the ducks, played on the playground and swings and just had a ball. The girls and I made a stew of dirt and grass while the boys drove our spaceship (the playground) and battled aliens. Then we went for a walk and explored the planet we landed on. I just love kids imaginations.

We came home and got Bob and our bikes and went riding on some dirt bike hills. Peyton was a little nervous, but did fine. Caden is my dare-devil and did GREAT, even with his training wheels.

Then we went for another walk in the bush looking for deer. The kids were so noisy I'm sure the nearest deer was 5 miles away.

The kids enjoyed playing soccer with their glow in the dark ball before we came home too.

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