Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope everyone has a great day!
We built a leprechaun trap yesterday in hopes of catching one. I told the kids if we caught one he would have to tell us where his pot of gold is. They made an awesome trap and painted and drew some pictures to attract the leprechauns. I helped them decorate a box and make a trap door at the top. They made a homemade ladder out of popsicle sticks they painted for the leprechauns to climb up on the trap too.
Much to their surprise this morning there was NO leprechaun in their trap. They had been here though and were very mischevious too. They moved our ladder to write grafitti on the stove and dishwasher, turned our milk and jello green, left green confetti all over the kitchen floor and took the gold beads we had used for bait. Sydney is mad because one of the "little guys" wrote "You'll NEVER catch us" on her picture.
Then when the kids went to the bathroom and lifted the lid they noticed that the leprechauns had written on the toilet lid as well. The kids thought it was hilarious and can't wait to build a better trap next year to catch one.
We are going to have green eggs and ham for supper tonight as well. That was Spencer's idea and he can hardly wait.

Apparently the leprechaUns are not only sneaky, but illiterate as well. They couldn't even spell leprechaun correctly.
They must have been really tired. lol

Close up of their little trap.


Anonymous said...

You are so creative Kim. A leprachaun trap, what a great idea.


Susan said...