Thursday, March 05, 2009

Its finally out

Spencer's two front teeth have been loose for MONTHS. When I took him to the dentist last month he said he would pull them if they were still there next time. Spencer is just not a wiggler so I have been after him to wiggle them ever since.

Yesterday morning one of his front teeth was so loose it was almost sideways and just barely in. He tried to pull it with his fingers and couldn't do it so I asked him if I could try. It was so loose it came out with hardly any pressure. He is happy and absolutely adorable. Caden is freaking out saying he doesn't want his teeth to come out and is traumatized by the whole ordeal. lol
Today I asked him what his teacher said and he told me she asked what the tooth fairy had brought him. He informed her that his Mom wouldn't let him put his tooth under his pillow.
I worked yesterday so by the time I got home he was in bed asleep and HIS FATHER is the meany that wouldn't let him put it under his pillow. He thought that I would want to help him do that? I didn't want to put it under while he was asleep as that is the fun part. We waited and did it tonight at bedtime. She left him a five dollar bill (all that we had lol) and some fluoride mouth rinse and a note in teeny tiny writing.
I am sure his teacher is wondering what kind of mother the poor child has.

If Spencer looks half asleep in the first picture its because he WAS. It was only 5am and I had just gotten him up, they have to get up REALLY early when I work :(

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Anonymous said...

Wow...inflation is nice!! I only got a quarter when my teeth fell out!!

That's was a long time ago... LOL.

- Erin