Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rock climbing

After our ice cream and flower adventure we came home and picked up Daddy and headed out to do some indoor rock climbing. They kids did really well.
Caden is VERY afraid of heights so he only went half way up before he got scared. Peyton only made it about halfway too before she wanted down. Daddy even climbed up and did really good.

Spencer was standing behind me rubbing my shoulders just like a boxing coach does and was telling me "you can do it Mommy, come on!" The other kids were telling me it was my turn too.

Well I guess I was bullied in to trying it, plus I couldn't let Bob show me up. The guys running it were mean though and wouldn't let me climb the kiddie wall.

I started out really well and went up quite a bit before my arms gave out.

That's what I get for thinking that it looked really easy to do. I told them that I couldn't go any further and I needed down. There were 3 guys about 20 years old in there and they wouldn't let me give up. They told me to hang there and take a break.

I wasn't sure the girl that was holding me could hold my butt up there, but she assured me she was OK. So I shook my arms and got some blood circulating again and made it up a few more feet. It was hard now as the wall was jutting out and I had to use my arms to hold myself against the wall and pull up too. I told them that this time I really couldn't go any further, I could barely feel my arms. They would NOT let me down, I thought I was going to have to call the police with my cell phone, but unfortunately it was in my purse. They kept yelling for me to put my foot on the yellow rock and push myself up. There was a TINY little spot to put my big toe on the rock and they wanted me to push myself up?? Have they seen the size of my butt? lol
They finally let me down after watching my feeble attempts with NO success to get any higher. I couldn't even push the tab to release my helmet because my hands were so weak and shaking.
Once I got down I realized how close I was to the top, no wonder they kept trying to get me to finish. I will have to try again another time if my arms ever recover. Maybe this time they will believe me and let me do the kiddie wall ;)

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