Saturday, April 25, 2009

Do you feel raindrops?

We took the kids back to the outdoor theater last night to see the Golden Dragon Acrobats of China. The weather seemed nice, a little cloudy, but still nice.
We got there and had a picnic at the park before the show was to start. Bob went over to get us some tickets and found out that they didn't have any left. Not a big problem we would just wait until just before the show and get seats or sit on the hill and watch. YEAH RIGHT!!
That is when the rain started and by rain I mean thunder and lighting and torrential downpour. Bob ran back to the car to get a big golf umbrella and a kid umbrella for SIX of us to share. lol
He wanted to go home, but you know me........we're already there, lets just wait and see if we can get any seats. Its only an hour until the show starts...sheesh.
All of a sudden the crowd starts running for the entrance so we make a mad dash too. I took the kids and he took the wagon. I managed to get us all seats that were actually pretty good. The only problem now was that it was really windy and the rain was blowing sideways under the theater cover. lol
To make matters worse we were all dressed in shorts and poor Peyton in a summer sundress. So we tried to hide under our TWO umbrellas and a wet blanket. We couldn't all squish together or we would have lost our seats.
When the show finally started the rain had subsided a bit and it was just mist blowing in and not sunami like waves of water.
The show was great and worth it! Caden got up this morning and told me he dreamed about the acrobats.


Anonymous said...

Spencer looks like he would rather be anywhere else in that last picture :)

You are crazy!!!!



Sharon said...

Poor Bob, I tried to warn him before he married you!

Love Sharon