Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter party

Spencer had his Easter egg hunt and party at school today. I wasn't working so I was able to go help and watch. They hunted for two eggs each and then came back in the class for a little party and snack. The eggs had their names on them so they had to hunt and find the right ones....couldn't make it too easy. I didn't tell Spencer I was coming because I wanted him to be surprised, he had a HUGE smile when he saw me. The other kids are so funny, when they wanted me I was just referred to as Spencer's Mom.
I of course took him home early (only by an hour) which just made his day. Yes, his hair is sticking up AGAIN, he looks like alfalpha! I give up trying to make it lay flat. It actually does better with no gel.

The little ones had their Easter party and egg hunt at the daycare today too and told me all about it. Since its a daycare its not really a parent volunteer kind of day. I think there is more candy now than there was at halloween.

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