Monday, March 27, 2006

Little minions

This is what I walked in to this morning when I went in to get the "babies" up.
Caden has torn a huge hole in his crib tent now. He can fit out the hole to wreak havoc.
I don't know how Sydney had her crib rail down on one side and crooked.
They were all so proud of themselves. The baby monitor was even disconnected and thrown on the floor again. Before they threw it on the floor they used it to make tons of little dents in the walls and remove the paint in those spots.
Notice the crooked drawers? Bob has fixed them too many times to count now.
I must have done something really bad to deserve this!!!!
I am going to try and sew up the instigators crib tent and see if that helps. lol


Elizabeth said...

Oh say you must have done something bad to deserve all this....shall I start listing the things now or do I need to start another blog :)

Gerger said...

Hi Auntie kim:)


Emily Art said...

This SO reminds me of the days when my twins were little, but they didn't have crib tents then. That would have saved me a few days of hell. But, Chris would have definitely figured a way out of THROUGH it. LOL

I love your blog!