Friday, March 10, 2006


Bob and I took the kids to the rodeo on Wednesday. A feat worthy of rodeo competitors!! They all did great considering we were out for about 12 hours. Its so nice now that the "babies" are getting a little older. They will actually listen to you SOMETIMES which makes outings much better.
They all loved the animals and the rides. Sydney kept signing and saying chicken all day. Spencer wanted to stay and watch the chicken hatch. Caden loved the petting zoo. Peyton is just like mommy and her favorite was the fried oreos. lol
Spencer really enjoyed the big rides too. His favorite was the water slide with daddy, he was just beaming when he got off. Mommy also got to take him on her favorite ride, the snowball.

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Elizabeth said...

You took Spencer on the snowball...that is cute. It reminds me of the time we conned Shawn into going on the roller coaster at Cedar Point. The picture is adorable. I love Spencer reading as the "babies" look at the animals. I am not surprised by Spencer reading. I have heard it say that people born on December 27th have the highest intelligence by far :)