Thursday, June 29, 2006

First movie for the triplets

Today the triplets went to their very first movie. We went and saw Robots (re-released). It was a challenge and I was not sure how they would do. I am so proud of them. They did amazing. Peyton was a little scared of all the people at first, but once the movie started she was fine. I took juice and little baggies full of cheerios and goldfish for snacks. They sat in little booster seats in the chairs so they could see better.
Caden just kept looking at me for the first five minutes and saying "robots mommy!!!!. Its his favorite show.
I would definitley take them again, we all had fun!


Maryann said...

Wow Kim, that's so great. I LOVE the pic of you guys in front of the theater. When I tried to take my three, they only lasted 10 minutes and we had to leave. It looks like you sure had fun. What fun to be able to go to the movies again!

Elizabeth said...

Glad it all worked out for you guys. Sounds like fun was had by all :)

Wendi said...

Some of the places here have free movies this summer, so you have now given me the courage to give it a try. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

We just took the kids to the movie theatre for the first time too and guess what movie we watched? Robots! They loved it and did so well. I was amazed. I loved the message in that movie and actually cried at one point. Boy, am I a mom or what?


Anonymous said...

I am so bummed that I missed their first movie. If we had been in town, I surely would have been there. Give my babes a kiss - I am in total withdrawal. Love, Sharyon