Thursday, June 15, 2006

No stopping this girl

HUGE scare

We had to figure out something so Peyton could swim with her broken arm. We rigged a make-shift splint and wrapped her arm in ace wrap so she can get in the water. She is thrilled!!! She runs to get the other splint when she hears the word "swimming".

I had a HUGE scare with Sydney this morning. The kids and I were swimming and she was riding her little car around outside (against my better judgement-I was thinking that I needed to put them away) and she fell, car and all into the pool. Seemed like 5 minutes before I got to her - everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. It probably was only about 10 seconds, but even that was long. She is perfectly fine and was just scared as was Mommy.
Sydney keeps saying "bump my head and fall in pool". She also told me "my mouth, nose and eyes get wet". She was so scared when I grabbed her that she wanted out of the pool and said "I want my towel". Caden was all concerned about her and got out of the pool and was in her face talking to her and hugging her and giving her a kiss. It was just so sweet! Then he insisted on getting wrapped up in a towel so he could sit next to her.
I am just to thankful that she is ok, it could have been a horrible ending. I just wanted to share so everyone keeps an extra eye on their kids and gives them a GIANT hug!!!


Elizabeth said...

Pool little Sydney. I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been for those few seconds:(
I am glad that everything is okay and that both Sydney and mommy have recovered :)

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for guardian angels. Syd's was close by and so was yours for giving you the strength to make it through the day after that incident.
So glad they keep their water wings on anytime they are outside near the pool. That probably kept her head from being under for more than a couple of seconds.

Maryann said...

How scary for both of you! Thank God you were so quick to action. And how sweet of her brother wanting to comfort her and be by her side.