Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's day

We had a quiet day at home today. The kids and I made a t-shirt for Daddy with their hand prints on it. He wanted spagetti for supper that we all enjoyed too.
I think that he is still in shock that he has 4 kids.
We have given him lots of extra hugs and kisses to show him that he is the best Daddy in the world.
We appreciate all you do and love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Bob is one of the best little dads we know. Both John and I think so much of both of you. Bob is the hands on dad in so many ways and that reminds me of John when our kids were small. And believe me, I know how much that means to have a husband around with the kids. When they get older, you will hear how nice it was to have a dad around when some of the other kids didn't. One little girl told her mom that she didn't think Kayla's dad had a job because he was always at school for everything. That made John feel so good.
Love, Sharyon

Elizabeth said...

The shirt is too cute. But Noah did want me to mention that he was a bit could Bob be the best dad when he thinks Ronald is the bestest daddy ever??? Poor confused baby. I just told him it was a tie :)

Sharon said...

Yu have so much energy! The shirt is adorable. Bob looks so much older. He has aged 15 years these last couple of years!

Daddy said...

My kids are the best present I could ever have asked for.