Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Perfect smile

Spencer has his first dental check up today with Dr. Anderson. He did amazing and opened his mouth when asked and never complained. His teeth were perfect and NO cavities. He had them cleaned and a fluoride treament applied. They even took a picture with the dentist when he was done.

Sydney went to the same dentist yesterday and her tooth is fine. I was so relieved!!! It is not cracked into the nerve or the root. It doesn't require any treatment at this point. I will just wait and see if the appearance bothers her later and then consider fixing it cosmetically. It may fall out before she cares. ( I hope)
Now we will just wait for the next crisis!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous, Spencer! I wish I had no cavities!!

Jan said...

What an awesome smile!!! And, he's not even scared of the Dentist!!

Elizabeth said...

It is great to see that he is not scared of the dentist. I know adults who are afraid to go to the dentist :)