Wednesday, June 07, 2006

OH NO............not again!?!?

Ok, when is it going to end? We have another casualty at our household. Peyton broke her arm!!! She just got out of her leg cast on the first of May!
She was wrestling with Daddy and Spencer last night and ended up UNDER Daddy (who feels terrible). She was so MAD at him last night (as you can tell from the picture of her cradling her arm). He wasn't even allowed to look at her. He felt so bad too!!!
She has a buckle or torus fracture to the big bone in her forearm(the radius) and will be splinted for 3 weeks. The doctor didn't cast it as he said she doesn't need a repeat x-ray before it comes off. Will save me a trip to the dr. to have the cast removed. Its better this way anyway as I can take the splint off for baths. I have to cover her arm with a bag during meals so she doesn't slop food all over the splint. She doesn't seem to mind the splint (or the bag for that matter) She is so good natured and just goes with the flow.
The poor thing, I just feel so bad!! She has really been enjoying swimming too!


Jan said...

Poor Peyton!! I can't believe it--another broken bone! I surely thought one of the boys would be the first for something like that. Oh well, what's a nurse to do??? She is so cute & I hope her boo boo does not bother her too much. Take care.

Wendi said...

A direct quote from your previous post..."Now we will just wait for the next crisis!!!"

The pics of Peyton are priceless!! I hope she heals up very quickly. Poor are lucky she is so good natured.


Elizabeth said...

Poor little thing :( I cannot believe she has broken another bone!!!! Tell those boys (Bob included) to stop being so rough with her.

By the way, I have a pool going on here to see what catastrophe is going to happen at your house next. I have June 23 and it will involve a really bad haircut. Fingers crossed!!!!

Emily Art said...

What a cutie. I hope her arm heals quickly.