Monday, July 31, 2006

Play date

We got together with my friend Elizabeth, her husband Ronald and their son Noah today and went to play at an indoor kids place. This is the first time she has seen the triplets and I have seen her son. He is a cutie. He is a year younger than my trio. The kids all had a ball, there was so much to do.
Later we went back to Sharon's and her and Grandpa did craft time again. They were helping the kids thread beads onto string. I am not sure who enjoyed it more.
We also played in the sprinkler in Sharon's front yard. The kids thought it was fun to soak us with the hose. It was so hot we were happy to have the cold water spraying us too. Sharon and I and the kids got into the pool since we were all wet anyway. It really wasn't as bad as I thought (it was only 82 degrees). I guess the fact that it was about a million degrees outside made it easier to get in.


Elizabeth said...

Adorable!!! Peyton looks like a little Amish girl with the smock and the head scarf. That was a fun day, especially watching Bob trying to keep tabs on all the kids.

Anonymous said...

I wish your dad would be able to fly. The kids just looked so at home doing crafts with him. Now I know where your craft abilities come from.
Love, Sharyon