Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poor little Caden

Let the illnesses begin AGAIN!

Poor little Caden has not been feeling well for a few weeks now and I just figured he would get over it. (Thats the bad part about having an icu nurse for a Mommy) ;)
He was not just getting better and looked awful on Monday so I called and took him in. He also looked like he lost some weight. He weighed 40 pounds in July and only 41 now so I was right. He has mono!!! Its unusual for young kids to show symptoms, but leave it to him. He is just exhausted and has a VERY sore throat. He has already had it for about 3 weeks or so I am guessing, so should be getting more energy soon. Spencer has complained about being tired and having a sore throat on and off so I am sure he has it too. The girls seem fine, but may have it with no symtoms.........they way they are supposed to get it at this age.
The doctor wants to repeat blood work in a couple of weeks as his viral level is VERY high, more than normal.
When the lab tech drew his blood on Monday she got in the vein right away and then jerked the needle out and had to stick him again. He was not impressed and his tears were dripping down onto my arm. He was just crying quietly and saying "no more mommy, no more mommy". Just broke my heart. I have not told him he needs more blood work, we will just surprise him. No need for him to worry about it for two weeks.
The girls however, thought the whole thing was very cool. When the tech put the tube in her hand they were not impressed and informed her that they could not see the blood now. lol

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