Monday, January 14, 2008

Ice Skating

Its been a while since I posted, I have been working a bunch...yuk.
We took the kids ice skating last night after work. Caden was not feeling great so he tried it for just a little bit and then was done. Spencer thought it was really neat and enjoyed it. The girls just amazed me. We rented the little "ice walkers" that help them stand up. I took them around once and they were fine on their own. I could not even keep up with Peyton. They skated the whole two hours and wanted more.
I don't think Bob was able to let go of the wall the whole time he skated. lol
Sorry the pictures are so awful. I finally took my camera in to get fixed.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Bob! Why didn't he rent a walker to keep up with the kids? LOL They seemed to love it. Good for them.
You guys really make the best of their outings - glad they all had so much fun.
Love, S