Saturday, January 19, 2008

My little ballerinas

Sydney and Peyton started ballet today. They had a ball, Sydney told me "I had SO much fun dancing today" when they were done. They were just adorable in their little outfits too. The girls did everything their teacher asked them to, it was just too cute to watch them do their little poses and moves.
They kept looking over and me during class and flashing me their beautiful smiles. They just thought they were little princesses.

I wanted to put Caden in class with them, but he is so painfully shy there is no way he would have done anything with the parents watching. Maybe next time. Besides he is still not feeling up to par. He is a little better and has started eating some more so hopefully he will be back to his mischevious self soon.

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Anonymous said...

They ARE little princesses! And good thing Caden was shy or he would have been in there dying!
NO ballet for Caden. This is the girls' niche. Dr Phil would be on your case if he was in that class.
Love, S