Saturday, March 15, 2008

Car crash

I took the kids to a movie yesterday and Bob met us afterwards so we could take the kids to Incredible Pizza. I was stopped at a light in front of him and I heard breaks squeal for no more than 2 seconds and looked back just in time to see his truck jolt forward. No one was hurt and thank goodness I had all the kids with me. The driver even HAD insurance, what a surprise down here. lol
What happened was a young man in a truck ran in to a car and then pushed it into the back of Bob's truck. The car is totalled and the woman had just paid it off. It was leaking transmission and radiator fluid all over the road, I feel bad for her. To look at our truck you wouldn't even notice we were hit unless I pointed it out. Both other vehicles had to be towed.
The kids just had to get out of the car and look. Now they keep talking about Daddy crashing the car.

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