Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy birthday Daddy

Today was Bob's birthday and the kids were thrilled, they love birthdays.
We made him a cake and shopped for his presents. Ok, so not what every man dreams of but he liked them anyway. A vacuum and a swivel sweeper. We really needed them and he does the majority of vacuuming.
Works for me as Caden just LOVES the swivel sweeper so I may never have to vacuum or sweep again.
We went to Los Cucos after Bob came home from work with our friends Sharyon and John and their daughter Kellyn. It was delicious as usual. The kids favorite part was when they put a sombrero on Bob and sang happy birthday and then smeared whip cream all over his face. My camera died at that exact moment and can you believe I had NO spare batteries.
Happy birthday Daddy, we all love you!!

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