Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We went to Seaworld on Sunday morning and came home last night. We went with our good friend Beth and her granddaughter Eden. We have season passes and are already planning our next trip.
It was great!!! The kids did really good too even though they spent three longs days at Sea World. We saw all the shows and Sydney now wants to be an animal trainer and not a "cooker" (Chef) anymore. lol
We got to feed the dolphins too. Well Caden held a fish for about 5 seconds before he said he was done and wanted someone else to take it.
The kids (and Bob) whined the whole second day about getting wet on the rides and shows. We went to a pirate show and water squirted you from the seat in front. Everyone but Sydney was crying and all upset that they were wet...even Bob. ;)

The third day we decided we were going to get on the water rides anyway. We went on a big roller coaster water ride called Journey to Atlantis. Caden turned white on the way down the big hill and was crying and Peyton was crying because she was wet. Spencer loved it and Sydney kept her arms in the air the whole time and the second it was done asked if she could go again. Everyone went again and I stayed with Caden and Peyton who wanted nothing to do with it.
Then we went to Rio Loco, a tame water ride where you sit in a big circle and go down a lazy river and get wet with watefalls and sprays. They would NOT let Sydney on as she was a hanf an inch too short. (Yes HALF AN INCH inch) I did everything I could think of to make the girl let her on with no luck. I even played the guilt card and told her to look at her face and tell her she can't go on. Didn't make any sense as the other one was way worse and she was allowed on that. She was disappointed but smiled at us while we went on and she stayed with Beth.
Bob and I got to go on a couple of roller coasters too and Beth watched the kids for us. Nice to have a someone come along!!

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Lathan, Lauren & Logan said...

I can't believe we missed you guys!!!

We got Season Passes though, too, so hopefully we'll "run into" each other next time!!!