Sunday, May 04, 2008

A sad day

We sold our quad stroller today and I was very sad to see it go.
Caden was WAY more upset though. He kept saying we needed to keep it and he wanted us to take him for a walk to the park in it. They still fit in it too, but barely.
Look how small they were in it when we first got it compared to now.
When the couple was here to pick it up he ran upstairs to his room. I am not sure what happened, but he must have slammed the door really hard or flung himself against it because the door knob part was on the opposite side of the door jamb. He was crying and saying he could not get out. I wasn't sure if were going to be able to get him out at first either. lol
We cheered him up by letting him pull out the geotrax with the 9 million or so pieces that go with it. Then we playing in the back yard and the kids "swam" in the baby pool with hot water added. I can't believe its been so cool down here. Our pool is still only 70 degrees and thats about 15 degrees colder than I will get in to. I wonder how many pots of hot water I would have to carry outside to warm it up?
We set up our new patio set and ate supper outside. Actually it was an all you can eat buffet for the flies. Then we started a fire and relaxed for a while. It was a great day. We snuck in some yard work too, much to Bob's disappointment.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Time sure does fly. The babies looked so tiny in that big stroller. It amazes me how quickly all of our kids are growing up. We do not even take Noah's stroller with us anymore (which I miss for storing my stuff).

I think I had a harder time giving up the stroller than Noah :)



PS: My fondest memory of your big stroller will always be Bob trying push it up that awful hill at the Toronto Zoo (remember the one they warned NOT to take strollers down?). It did not seem that bad going down, but boy it was crazy climbing back up and I only had one to push back.

Anonymous said...

That really was a sad day to give up the quad stroller. Just think how many less questions and stares you will get now though.
Yep, they have grown up and don't need to be strollered around. Besides, who could push that much weight very far?
Love, S