Friday, June 13, 2008


I watched our dear friend's granddauthter today and she is just too cute. I was able to get my baby fix and the kids just went crazy over her. We fought over who got to hold her and feed her.
She is just four months old and already I can't remember all the details of when my own kids were that age.
I can remember looking at my Mom with disbelief when my sister's kids were babies and she could not remember the exact age that we got our first tooth or sat up. She would just look at my sister and I like we were nuts that we thought she should remember all those details. We were CERTAIN we would remember EVERY detail of our children's lives.
Bet if you asked my sister she would have NO clue, same as me. Having kids does something to your brain. I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesteday, don't even ask how old they were when they got their first tooth. :)
I hear that having teenagers finishes off whats left of your brain too. I am SO looking forward to those years.


Anonymous said...

I have teenagers (actually one of them is 21!) and am completely insane so you are correct! The baby is so cute! I love the pictures of each of you holding her.
Love Sharon

Anonymous said...

My favority saying --- Mothers of Teens Know Why Animals Eat their Young!!!!! How true it is.
You can borrow her any time you need that baby fix. REMEMBER - be careful what you wish for!!!!!
I seem to be fixed up with baby fixes for a very long time to come.
Love, S