Saturday, June 28, 2008


The boys spent their first night together as roommates (as Spencer calls it) last night. We finally have their room done - for the most part. Still need to finish putting up some decorations.
Spencer was thrilled as he has always been alone. He was so excited to be able to talk when they went to bed. That was hilarious as the whole reason Caden wanted out of the girls room was because Peyton talked at bedtime and wouldn't let him sleep. He was not about to let Spencer talk to him and keep him up. Caden is just thrilled with his Thomas the train bed.


Anonymous said...

The room looks adorable! I want a Thomas the Train bed. Good job Kim and Bob!

Anonymous said...

Could there be a better bed covering for Caden? I think he must have thought he was in heaven.
Kim, you by far, get the best deals for your money and make their rooms look like they come from a House Beautiful Kids' Room.
I just love the look.
Love, Nana