Sunday, June 08, 2008

Last day of Kindergarten

Last Thursday was Spencer's last day of kindergarten, I can't believe he is growing up so fast. Someone make it slow down!!!
We all went to his school for a little powerpoint presentation by his teacher and she handed out their little certificates or "diplomas" for passing kindergarten. Then they had a pizza lunch and got to come home. He took his yearbook and everyone signed it for him. Here he is with his teacher.
I made him a little "graduation" cake too and he thought it was very cool. Of course I need to keep my day job though as I don't think I would fare well as a cake decorator.

We left Friday morning for Seaworld and spent the night. We didn't get home until 3:30 this morning, not quite sure why we didn't stay again?? We just managed to wake Spencer up, the kids are exhausted. They slept all the way home, but are worn out from playing so hard. Spencer is practicing to be a teenager I guess. lol
We did the water park and it was so much fun. Don't have any pictures of it though as I didn't bring my waterproof camera. The kids loved the water slides and wave pool. My favorite was the lazy river, ( or "lazy lizard" as Caden calls it) I could have spent all day floating on it. Well, we did spend a ton of time on it. We are all a little sun burned too. Not bad considering we spent two full days in the sun. I am still trying to wash the layers of sun screen off. Still feel grungy after showering.

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Anonymous said...

Going into 1st grade? I blinked my eyes and all your kids grew up on me.
The SeaWorld picture is great - I love the character.
Love, S