Saturday, April 25, 2009


We headed out for a bike ride in the park today. There is a path around a really nice lake (or pond).
Spencer fell off his bike and ALMOST landed in the lake. Somehow his shoe flew off and landed in the water. I thought it was a goner, but we managed to get it back with a really long stick. It was hilarious.
Later Sydney was riding down a hill by the lake and started to swerve. I yelled and she turned her bike just in time to miss riding in it to the lake really fast and crashed right beside it instead.
I have no pictures of either, can you believe it???

Spencer reminds us that every Saturday is "family game night". Its actually a lot of fun. We turn off the tv and play together as a family. We do games or puzzles or whatever they want. Tonight and we played cards and whack-a-mole. Then the kids decided they wanted to comb my hair and put makeup and nail polish on me. Then they slathered me in moisturizer and rubbed my feet. I LOVE my kids. lol

Love this video of Peyton "riding" her bike and singing, she was stuck in a hole. Caden had to come over and be a boy.


The Brown Bunch said...

They look so grown up these days....Hope all is well!!!

Anonymous said...

Peyton spinning her wheels and going nowhere is sooooo funny :)


Sharon said...

I love Peyton's bike ride!

Love Sharon