Sunday, April 05, 2009


We have been trying to warm up the pool with a solar blanket with NO success. Its been on for a couple of weeks and all its done is turn the pool green.
Bob was outside cleaning it and getting ready to add chlorine. Spencer was out helping him and must have asked him a million times if he could go swimming. Finally Bob said "I don't care". Big mistake to say that to a seven year old. Spencer wasted no time jumping in to the pool FULLY clothed. Sydney immediately jumped in after him with all her clothes on too. At least Peyton and Caden had the decency to ask for bathing suits. I had no intention of letting them swim as the pool was a frigid 67 degrees. They lasted about 10 minutes before climbing out violently shaking and a lovely shade of blue. After warm showers they were no worse for wear though.

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Sharon said...

My pool is 51 degrees.