Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas decorations

We have our decorations up now. The kids just LOVE them. Caden's favorite is the singing wreath that he just keeps activating over and over again!!!
I was just thrilled to see their little faces and how excited they were!!
They still stand at the tree saying "look at this Mommy" and pointing out ornaments.
Spencer was thrilled to be the "big boy" and help Mommy put the ornaments on the tree.
I had to take our stockings down though as I had another blog entry flash before my eyes as Peyton grabbed one and tugged on it. I could see her pulling the cast iron holder down on her or someone else's head. I will just wait and put them up on Christmas Eve.
Now I just need to get Bob to put the lights up outside.


Anonymous said...

I just love those little smiling faces (except for Peyton). I know they are just going to love Christmas this year.
Love, Sharyon

Anonymous said...

I miss little kids and the excitement. Mine don`t care if I put up a tree or not. They look adorable!
Love Sharon

Anonymous said...

I loooove their smiles. They all looked thrilled (even Peyton in her own unique way). I do not think I have seen such full face smiles on kids before.



Anonymous said...

Glad that everyone is ok and on the mend. Hopefully no
more accidents this year. Great blog! I need to get
one started. That just might be one of my New years

Stephanie TQ2003