Friday, November 24, 2006

Sydney's cut

Poor little Sydney has a big infection in her cut now. I should have thought of getting her some antibiotics when she got the cut from Peyton's teeth. I was too worried about Peyton's swollen face though and thought that Sydney was fine. Well now Peyton seems to be on the mend except for some bruising and residual swelling.
Sydney's face got really swollen yesterday and is now oozing "gooey stuff" as she calls it. Her face is so swollen she looks pathetic, she may even get black eyes from the swelling, really bad between her eyes.
The cut is opening up a little bit from the swelling, but hopefully not much more!!!
I called the Dr. and we have her on antibiotics now and I am just praying it does not worsen or turn into cellulitis!!!
She hates to have me clean it and tells me "you all done mommy, it hurts!" She doesn't mind the warm compresses though.


Anonymous said...

What next????? My poor baby - that just breaks my heart. She is so good about everything that you just hate to put her through pain.
Love, NANA

Anonymous said...

Poor little thing. I cannot believe the ordeal they (and you) have gone through this week. I am glad that everyone seems to be on the mend now. Hopefully you get at least a week without some other catastrophe :)



Maryann said...

Ok, haven't checked in in a couple of weeks and look what happens? Oh my goodness. I have to warn my stomach before visiting your blog sometimes! :) Your poor little babies. You handled it all so well, though. And it looks like they did, too. Now STAY SAFE and no more injuries!