Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The kids are at it again!!!
Peyton and Sydney smashed into each other tonight and are wounded once again. I was just finishing with baths and was drying Caden off. I hear screams coming from the bedroom and the girls are sitting on the floor yelling, obviously just ran into each other while running. I go to kiss Sydney to tell her she is ok and my face is wet? I look and she is COVERED in blood and its running down her face. I look at Peyton and she is covered in blood too. I run to the bathroom and get a washcloth for Sydney to hold on her face and grab Peyton and am splashing water on her hands and face to see if she is bleeding too. She isn't, its Sydney's blood that is still pouring out of her forehead. I tell Spencer to run downstairs and get Daddy and tell him to come upstairs right now. He comes back moments later with diaper wipes. See previous post about Bob and you will understand why he didn't come. He was in a drugged stupor on the couch. lol
Poor little Peyton had to fend for herself while I stopped the bleeding on Sydney's forehead. No one has diapers on yet either!!!
I bring them downstairs and lay Peyton on Daddy as she is still upset. I now get a chance to look at Sydney's forehead and really assess what is going on. She has a huge gash on her forehead (made by Peyton's teeth). I decide to steri-stip it closed myself instead of visiting the ER. The Dr. told me when we were there with Peyton that the steri-strips I had put on her would be fine. I made him glue it anyway since we were there. He told me no need to come back if it happened again and I was comfortable doing it myself. (who knew it would be so soon.) When I was done putting the steri-strips on Sydney she looked at me and said "I beautiful now Mommy!!" How cute is that?
I drugged them both with tylenol and put them to bed.

Peyton's fat lip


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I cannot believe how much her cut looks like the one Peyton had :( Thank God you are a nurse and have a cool head, I would have freaked out.