Monday, November 13, 2006

Craft class at the library

I took all the kids to the library today for craft time. They were all REALLY good and well behaved. I had visions of being thrown out of the library for being noisy. lol
We met a friend and her two children there as well. (Spencer's friend Tanner from pre-school) They did turkey shrinky dinks and thought it was very cool.

It was so funny to hear the little ones chanting "shrinky dinks". We put magnets on them and hung them on the fridge. That didn't last long as they want to play with them.

top: Spencer's and Peyton's bottom: Sydney's and Caden's


Anonymous said...

I think you forgot to mention about the lights going out and how that happened!!!! Love, Sharyon

Anonymous said...

Let me guess about the lights: Caden was involved. That kid had better be a building inspector when he grows up, he will be an expert on how doors and light switches are supposed to work. The turkeys are adorable!
Love, Sharon

Kim said...

No, actually it was Peyton that turned the lights off and they came around the corner with an evil smile. Who could be mad at that face!!!

Elizabeth said...

No, no, did not have to tell me that Caden had not turned out the lights. He was too busy opening a door to turn off the lights :)



PS: shut the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!