Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lighting of the doves

Our good friends Sharyon and John invited us to the "Lighting of the doves" ceremony tonight. Its a local light display that opens for the holidays. We took the kids and met them there. It was really nice having some extra hands to help us too......thanks guys.
We got to see Frosty the snowman and get a picture, Peyton was terrified of him though and wouldn't go anywhere near him.
Then we saw Santa and he read us "Twas the night before Christmas". Could he have found a longer story...........we each had a kid perched on our shoulders so they could see him. lol It was so cute to see their little faces when Santa came out.
They got to see fireworks as well after the story and they all wanted more.
There was even a big snow hill for the kids to slide down. The line up was about a 1 hr wait.......only in Texas. ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

Did you wait on hour to let thme slide down the hill? That is a hoot. When they are a bit older you will have to bring them home in the winter and Bob can take them all skiing. This time though Bob, you have to get off the mountain in less than 12 hours!! I am so glad you didn't set fire to doves!
Love, Sharon

Anonymous said...

My shoulders survived! Thanks goodness that Syd is just a tidbit-
never would have survived with more weight. It was fun and the look on the kids' faces made it so worthwhile. Glad you guys could make it.
Love, Sharyon

Elizabeth said...

Cool, a snow hill!!!! We have ZERO snow here and they said it is going to be a green Christmas. It is just not right :(