Saturday, April 07, 2007

Another Easter egg hunt

We went to our neighbourhood Easter egg hunt today. It was FREEZING and started raining while we were there. It was only 40 degrees, big change from yesterday. There was even steam coming off the pool.
The kids had fun despite the weather. I think their favorite part was getting to hold a real bunny.
Then we went to Walmart to get some groceries and the Easter bunny was there posing for pictures so we had to do that again.


Anonymous said...

Your kids take the best pictures ever. Each one gets cuter and cuter. Who wouldn't love to hold a real bunny? I would.
Love, S

Wendi said...

I sent the voodoo weather hex your way...:)

Wonderfully vibrant bunny shots! Tulips are one of my favorite flowers...of course they haven't bloomed here yet!