Sunday, April 22, 2007

A date!!

Bob and I got to go on a real date last night and it was wonderful. All the kids went to "Saturday Night Live" at the YMCA. We dropped them off at 6pm and picked them up at shortly before 11pm. They were pretty good about staying. Peyton wanted me to come to the back with her and Caden looked at me and said "I go with you?". That made leaving harder, but they didn't cry so it was ok. They really had fun though and told me all about it when we picked them up. Spencer was the only one sleeping when we got there.
We went out to a movie that I would NOT recommend called "300". Four people actually walked out of the theater while it was still on. Its been over 5 years since we went to a movie together and it was a bad one :( We didn't have time for dinner before the movie so we just ate tons of junk in the theater.
We have the kids booked for another evening at the Y in a couple of weeks.

Earlier in the day we went to Spencer's soccer game and then to see "The Berenstain Bears" at Miller outdoor theater. The kids really enjoyed that. Caden lost interest and tried to lay down in his seat. Sydney never took her eyes off the stage. Peyton was clapping right along with everyone and giving me a play by play of what was happening. In one scene the bears broke their Mama's lamp and Spencer put his hands over his ears when Mama walked in and saw it. Do you think I yell at them too much??? lol


Anonymous said...

Well, you guys finally got a much awaited night out.
Picking movies these days is not an easy task - we bomb out just renting movies.
Glad that you enjoyed your night and the kids enjoyed theirs.
No tears is a good sign - glad you didn't cry, Mom!
Love, Sharyon

Anonymous said...'s funny that you hated the movie, because Shawn LOVES it. I didn't think it was too bad.

- Erin