Friday, April 06, 2007

Drip drip drip

We have a leak!!!
Bob noticed the ceiling in the kitchen was damp looking the other day. Then yesterday while the kids were eating breakfast Spencer announces that the house is dripping, he was right.
Water was dripping from the ceiling onto my computer!!! My cupboards were full of water and so were my under counter lights. I was NOT amused.
Bob found the leak and it was the shower faucet leaking BEHIND the tile wall. Could the water be in a worse place. Thank you Jim (my brother-in-law) for the advice. He is a plumber, unfortunately in Canada though. We have decided not to tear down the ceiling and to put a fan on it and see if it dries and then just repair the damage. We needed a way to get the wall behind the shower dry though so instead of ripping down the tile to let air in there we cut some holes in the triplets bedroom wall as it backs onto the bathroom. Caden has already banged his crib into the wall numerous times making small holes. Of course those holes were no where near where we needed them to be. The kids thought that was just the coolest thing and had to help Daddy. Now if I can just keep them out of the holes until it dries that will be great.
And yes, Spencer's hair ALWAYS sticks up like that unless I wet it down. ha ha ha

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Anonymous said...

That is some crew Bob has supervising him. I bet they are all unionized workers too :)

Hope you get the leak under control and that there was not too much damage done.