Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

We had take-out from our favorite restuarant Los Cucos today. Then we got the kids dressed and ready to trick or treat. The only problem was that the sun was still shining. We were a little eager to go.
We decided to take them to Spencer's old preschool for a fall festival they were having until it got dark. We spent about an hour there playing games and going down big blow up slides. We sent the kids through a big giant inflatable maze thing. No one came out so we waited and waited and waited and waited. Finally Bob had to go in to get them, they were all stuck at a big wall they had to climb. When they all eventually appeared we realized that Spencer lost the belt to his costume. Bob "gladly" went back in to the maze to find it. He found it, but when he came out he lost it again? Later when he was going to bed he discovered it IN his pants???
We came back home and the trick or treating commenced, they were so excited. Poor Sydney fell over a rock garden and smashed her little chin. It was pitch dark and candy goes flying everywhere and she is screaming "I'M BLEEDING!!!" I could hardly see her let alone the large quantities of blood I was sure was oozing out, judging from her panic. A nice lady from a house next door appeared with a flashlight so I could see. There was no blood, just big scrape on her chin. Once we picked up all the candy she miraculously recovered and was off for more trick or treating.
They know they can't have any candy while we are trick or treating and Sydney kept taking candy out of her bucket. When I reminded her that we had to wait until we got home to have some she informed me that she was not eating it, she was just kissing sweet.
We got home and Spencer was able to hand out some candy which he thought was tons of fun.
Then off to bed with the little ones. Now I could finally sit and watch some horror movies. Yeah right, I probably fell asleep before they did.


Anonymous said...

Cute costumes Kim. I like how they're all different. They are their own little people after all.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Just when I think they can't possibly get any cuter, the next picture shows up and they are just adorable. I love this picture. Letting them pick their own costume was really great - they all did great with their choices.
Love, S