Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkins and cupcakes

We spent the day today decorating our small pumpkins we got from Old MacDonalds Farm yesterday and making cupcakes. We also scooped the guts out of our big pumpkins so they will be ready to carve on Halloween. I am working Monday and Tuesday so we had to do it today. The kids had a ball and so did I.

Maybe I can take a break at work tomorrow and rest up from all the stuff we have done this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. An electric drill??
Bob takes carving to a new level using the drill. He gets the prize for originality.
Those pictures are too cute for words. They surely did tell the story of just how much fun that you all had doing Halloween crafts and making goodies. By the way, those cupcakes were terrific. I had 5 and left one for John. Love, S