Saturday, October 20, 2007

Big boy and girl beds

I finally moved the triplets out of their cribs and into big beds. Considering they are almost 4 I think we did pretty good. I moved them in to single beds instead of toddler ones too. They were thrilled when they saw them and kept saying they were their big boy (and girl) beds. They kept kissing their beds and saying they loved them. Then once they were all set up and everyone had chosen their bed I pulled out their new sheets. Thomas the train for Caden, Cinderella for Peyton and The Little Mermaid for Sydney. That just totally made their day, they kissed the sheets too. The room actually looks bigger with the three beds in there than it did with the three cribs. They are all tucked in nice and cozy now and hopefully will stay for the night. Of course we didn't think of everything.........pillows. We had to give them three of our pillows so now Bob and I will have to fight for pillows tonight until we get some more.

And yes...the pictures suck. It takes really bad pictures with the flash lately. I think I have worn it out, I have no idea how that happened. I only take 100 pictures a day. ha
Any suggestions? I would like an slr, but not sure about the size? I also love to be able to take videos with my camera and slr's won't let you do that.

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Anonymous said...

They are getting too big too fast.
The first time I saw them, they were all lined up and cuddled together on the love seat with room to spare. Now look at them, all in a row in big beds. The has just gone by entirely too quickly.
Love, S