Sunday, October 14, 2007

Garage sale anyone?!?

We tried having a last minute garage sale yesterday morning. We made $2...........yes $2. However, I left Bob to man the sale and went shopping myself and fared much better. I got some great deals and some toys even good enough to save for Christmas.
Today we were all playing in the front yard and trying to clean the garage a little while we were at it so the doors were opened. The kids had all their bikes and big car out and some extra toys. Four people stopped and asked if we were having a sale as they saw ALL the riding toys and wanted to buy some. I had to assure them that although the driveway and grass were covered in stuff it indeed was all ours and we just had a bunch of kids. lol
Where were these people yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

We cleaned out the garage one time and had stuff all over our lawn when we lived in N.O. and some asked if it was a garage sale. When John said NO, they said it was false advertising. LOL.